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  • 04.11.14Mark Your Beer with a Can Stamp

    Lost beer. We’ve all been there. You put your drink down and it can vanish in a sea of beverages that all look alike. The CAN STAMP™ is a nifty solution to properly identifying your beverage can, and it’s here to help.

  • 08.15.13Just-Add-Water Beer is Now a Thing

    Survivalists and hikers may find this exciting news; beer enthusiasts, perhaps not so much. A company in Alaska has created a beer concentrate and carbonation system that lets you make a beer in a pinch.

  • 010.24.11Say Hello to Beeri, the Siri Controlled Beer Server

    The first time I tried Siri on my iPhone I wondered who would be the first beer nerds that would be able to turn the voice-recognition assistant into a beer-fetching wench. The guys at RedPepper have created Beeri to serve this frosty purpose.

  • 09.15.11Brewing Beer with a Cigar-Flavored Twist

    A brewer in Florida is harnessing the flavor of the hand-rolled cigars Tampa is famous for in his craft beer. Cigar City Brewing is using ingredients such as Spanish cedar, guava, Cuban espresso and citrus woods to craft beers that taste of Tampa’s heritage.

  • 08.25.11Coming Soon: The Interactive My Bud Light Bottle

    Never resting (or relying) on the simple taste of it’s flagship beers, Belgian-owned Anheuser-Busch InBev has partnered with technology company Spear to introduce a new interactive label for Bud Light. Your Etch-a-Brew awaits.

  • 08.25.11Nonalcoholic Beer Aids Marathon Recovery

    A new study reports that beer is an excellent recovery beverage for marathon runners. But you won’t be stumbling across the finish line… the beer was effective only if it was nonalcoholic. Damn.

  • 15.19.11Copenhagen Lady Beer: Blonde is the New Black

    There’s some hubbub on the net about a fashionable new brew coming out of Denmark from Carlsberg Group. Copenhagen–named after the international city of fashion and design–is being marketed toward “modern women and men.” But “especially women.” They’re selling beer like shiny baubles instead of tasty bubbles.

  • 104.15.11Guide to Building a Custom Kegerator

    Do you dream of cold draught beer flowing from your own personal tap? Well, put down that can of suds and pick up a screw gun because this is our step-by-step guide for building your own customized double-faucet kegerator.