Brian's Belly Heavyweight Hall of Fame

Heavyweight Hall of Fame

Big Guy. Fat Guy. Huge Guy.

There are literally tons of guys out there that fall into the "above average" category when it comes to their weight. Some are big, some are fat, some are downright huge. Some are celebrities--larger than life figures that don't always personify gluttony, but help the world throw their arms around the jolly, funny fat guys.

We decided it was time to honor these men with a place of their own in history. We knew it would have to be a big place (in case there was ever a luncheon) so we created the Brian's Belly Heavyweight Hall of Fame.

The Heavyweight Hall of Fame will honor men of stature who have made an impression in this world--the men who have gone forth and shown society that it's OK to be a big dude, a loveable lush or a funny fat guy. The individuals here personify everything that is good about living life on your own terms.

Of course, it ain't all from eating. Weight-gain hobbyists usually start off with a beer belly and work their way up and out to a full-fledged, buldging beer gut.

So whether you have love handles or man-teats, this is dedicated to you--but more accurately it's dedicated to the men that are enshrined here in the Heavyweight Hall of Fame.

  • John Candy

    A man of tremendous appetites, given to excess in every aspect of his life. Excessively talented, excessively funny and excessively nice.

  • "Babe" Ruth

    “I swing as hard as I can…I swing big, with everything I’ve got. I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can.” -George Herman “Babe” Ruth

  • Drew Carey

    Television viewers love the working-class hero. Hand him a beer, and he becomes a God.