Mark Your Beer with a Can Stamp

by David Lauterbach
2014 April 11
Can Stamp Cans

These are MINE cans of beer.

Lost beer. We’ve all been there. You put your drink down and it can vanish in a sea of beverages that all look alike. The CAN STAMP™ is a nifty solution to properly identifying your beverage can, and it’s here to help.

With a flick of the wrist, the Can Stamp imprints an identifying mark on your beer or (gasp!) other beverage. Used before you pop the top, the stamp leaves some legible lettering on your lager. We thought (hoped?) we’d need more test beers, but we mastered the art of can stamping rather quickly, making a mark on the rounded edge of the can.

I tried the product out while drinking with my brothers, and we all used the same Can Stamp that was sent to me for review. We ended up defeating the purpose with a bar full of MINE beers and simply resorted back to our usual identifiers such as twisted tabs and indented rims. But the Can Stamp is available in a few different variations to help avoid a situation where a few of you might be using stamps: MINE, IN USE, DRUNK and FUEL to name a few, and some recently added emoticon stamps may appeal to the kiddies that might like to join in the fun stamping their sodas.

The Can Stamp can also be custom printed with logos & company names for use as a unique promotional product.

So go get yourself a Can Stamp and keep it on your key ring. Make lost beer a thing of the past.


Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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