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Our Recipes & Recommendations area is devoted to the finest meals we’ve had in our own bellies and backyards. Since one of the prime missions of Brian’s Belly is to help you find and prepare delicious, simple meals that are not necessarily from scratch, many of them are as easy as:

  • 1. Buy good steak.
  • 2. Cook steak good.
  • 3. Eat steak, drink beer. Good.

Not everything is complicated when it comes to food preparation! To cook most of our meals, very little actual “cooking” knowledge is required and if we use a phrase like “caramelize the onions over high heat” you’d better believe that we’ll explain what the hell that means.

A Little About The Menu:


Our Beef category includes pretty much all our favorites. Here you’ll find how to prepare some great steaks & roasts, hot sausage, and spicy mexican.

As the commercial says, “It’s what’s for dinner.” If it’s not, it should be. We don’t care what form it’s in: steak, ribs, sausage or jerky; we like all things beefy. Besides it’s the perfect accompaniment to cheese and beer (two of our personal favorites). Want to learn to use this bovine goodness the BELLY way? Come on inside.


Tastes just like chicken? If it lays an egg, it’s in the poultry section. And after all, who doesn’t like chicken? Or turkey? Or duck? Or goose? Or squab? Or pigeon? Why is dark meat always cheaper? Who is Sal Monella? We’ll answer these and other loony questions and make sure you get the real deal on these plucky mother cluckers.


Ask anyone from Memphis- pork is the thing. Emeril knows it. Now you know it too. But did you know that the “other white meat” is even better when its a little pink? Looks like you got a lot to learn about swine smarty. This is the most versatile of meats. Worship it.

Join us in the pigpen with the rest of the swine and we’ll pretty much show you how to put bacon in, on or wrapped around anything.


Do you love the smell of a tail just off the grill? Well who doesn’t? But if your seafood diet stops and ends with a can opener, and a tin of dolphin safe, shame on you.

Whether you catch it yourself or buy it by the pound we’ll help you cook it and forget about that damned BUMBLEBEE. We got lobsters, fish and the king of the oxymorons, jumbo shrimp. Oh yeah, clams too, but they don’t have tails.


When was the last time you had good varmint? Or bit into Bambi? It’s here that you’ll find some recipes for hasenpfeffer, venison and a whole sackfill of other critters. By the time we’re done with you, you’ll have a taste of all of the animals in that “Home On The Range” song that you’ve always wanted to sink your teeth into.


Fresh salads, healthy steamed dishes and how to garnish your.. hah! We can’t even say this with a straight face! Like we’d eat anything from this food group. Oh okay, potatoes.. and jalapenos. Unless cheese is a vegetable. But there are plenty of recipes around here with jalapeƱos and we ain’t giving a damned potato it’s own section… not just yet anyway… come back when we have rickets.


This section is heavily devoted to condiments, soups, sauces, sides, dips and appetizers.

Oh, and Hot Dogs are included here because of the lack of a “lips, assholes and old shoes” category.