Copenhagen Lady Beer: Blonde is the New Black

by David Lauterbach
2011 May 19

There’s some hubbub on the net about a fashionable new brew coming out of Denmark from Carlsberg Group. Copenhagen–named after the international city of fashion and design–is being marketed toward “modern women and men.” But “especially women.”

Carlsberg says Copenhagen is “the first innovative offering for the new generation of beer drinkers who delight in the full package of design, taste and quality.” You know, the same generation that can’t tell if their beer bottles are cold or the same generation that enjoy only 64 or 55 calories in a beer.

The Carlsberg Innovation Director says they “can see that there are a number of consumers, especially women, who are very aware of design when they choose beverage products. There may be situations where they are standing in a bar and want their drinks to match their style. In this case, they may well reject a beer if the design does not appeal to them.”

“Many young people aren’t keen on the bitter aftertaste of beer…with Copenhagen we have created a highly drinkable beer with a balanced taste – a real alternative to white wine and champagne,” their Innovation Director says.

I’m not sure if I should hate Innovation Directors at Big Beer companies, or be jealous that the ad wizards who come up with pale, low-cal rice water, can actually make a pitch that (will probably) successfully target a market of women–or let’s face it, “fashionable” men–who will buy this because the bottle looks good with their shoes or spray tan.

I don’t know why this gets my panties in a knot. Maybe I feel like this will open the door to additional piss-pale beers on the market that are sold like shiny baubles instead of tasty bubbles. Can mood labels and silly beerz be far behind?

Choose a beer for it’s taste, not it’s packaging. And if you don’t like beer, drink something else and I won’t hold it against you.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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“…sold like shiny baubles instead of tasty bubbles” !!! Priceless.

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