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  • 23.15.11BeerStat for iOS Helps Quantify Your Alcoholism

    Right off the bat, I’d say having my own personal beer counter is a double-edged sword. I’d like to know how many beers I’ve had, but on the other more realistic hand, I would not like to know. Either way, BeerStat can tell me.

  • 01.25.11Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser is Simply Intoxicating to Watch

    The beer industry is notable for creating useless contraptions for the dispensing and distribution of beer, so it’s nice to see something that actually looks useful. The Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser fills beer cups through the bottom of the cup, you know, like magic would.

  • 31.22.11Woodchuck Granny Smith: A Perfect Sunday Brunch Drink

    Beer is beer, and wine is wine, but what the heck are we supposed to make of cider? Cider tasting might actually have more in common with wine tasting, but wine people don’t seem to want to adopt it as their own, and so it’s become something of a step-child to beer aficionados.

  • 11.19.11Ancient Celtic Beer Recipe Resurrected

    Early Celtic rulers of a community in what’s now southwestern Germany liked to get their drink on with beer according to an article in Science News. Let’s party like it’s 500 B.C.!

  • 111.18.10iPhone Bottle and Can Opener Case

    The iPhone Bottle and Can Opener Case for iPhone 4 and IPhone 3GS. It has a built in stainless steel bottle opener and can tab that is made of a hard-shell ABS plastic.

  • 211.15.10Redneck Camouflage 6-Pack Beer Holster

    Don’t you hate waiting hours on end in your blind or tree stand, only to have that trophy buck spot your shiny beer can from 20 yards out? Don’t let another 8-pointer get away with this self-proclaimed “Redneck” camouflage 6-pack beer holster.

  • 111.10.102011 Beerdrinker of the Year Search is Underway

    A brewer in Colorado is seeking beer resumes from the nation’s most beer-minded men and women for its 2011 Beerdrinker of the Year contest. The competition seeks and honors America’s most passionate, knowledgeable beer lovers.

  • 011.9.10What Alcohol Does to Your Brain and Body

    Everyone seems to takes their cues on how alcohol affects the mind and body from an eclectic mix of knowledge: personal experience, pop culture, tall tales of long nights, the latest studies to make the news, and second-hand tips. Lifehacker posted a good meta-article culled from a few reliable sources about the science of alcohol and its effect on your brain and body when you drink.

  • 111.8.10Sam Adams Launching Infinium “Champagne” Beer

    Boston Beer is launching a champagne-like brew later this month to prove that beer can be worthy of a New Year’s toast. The limited run beer, called Infinium, will be sold in 750-ml bottles with foil-covered cork tops, like champagne.

  • 211.1.10Lion Brewery’s Rheingold Revival

    Connecticut marketer Drinks Americas has teamed up with the Lion Brewery in Wilkes-Barre, PA to revive Rheingold… bringing it to the shelves for the first time in 35 years. They hope to give people a taste of the past by distributing Rheingold in the Eastern U.S.