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    • 010.14.15Anheuser-Busch InBev Will Buy SABMiller, Become Beer Behemoth

      “Big Beer” is getting even bigger. Anheuser-Busch InBev is expanding–yet again. SABMiller accepted a takeover bid valued at over $100 billion from Anheuser-Busch InBev in a deal that would form a company that would control nearly a third of the global beer market. This is bad for you. Here’s why.

    • 11.24.10Burger King to Sell Beer at Whopper Bar

      If “having it your way” has always been a burger with a cold beer on the side, then Burger King may finally have the happy meal you’re looking for. Can you say fast-beer restaurant?

    • 18.30.09Low-Calorie Brews Also Low on Flavor

      You’ve heard the hype about low calorie counts, but how do these new beers taste? What happens when you drastically reduce calories? The Chicago Tribune did what we here at Brian’s Belly wanted to do… assembled a panel of taste testers.

    • 02.19.09Anheuser-Busch Kills

      Anheuser-Busch pulled the plug on it’s $15 million broadband humor site Visitors to the site now see only a snowy TV screen saying is no longer available.

    • 22.11.09Anheuser-Busch Drops “Born On” Date

      According to, Anheuser-Busch is changing the way they view a beer’s shelf life. The brewer says it has realized that the 110-day limit might not be necessary. Why? I dunno, they’re wasting too much beer?

    • 010.1.08Anheuser-Busch Launches American Ale

      In what we can only call a ballsy attempt to keep American drinkers blindfolded to what the company is really up too, Anheuser-Busch will launch “American Ale” this week.