It’s Official: Anheuser-Busch InBev

by David Lauterbach
2008 November 20

Last week, shareholders of Anheuser-Busch approved the $52 billion sale of the business to Belgium-based InBev, a deal that set the stage to create the world’s largest brewer.

That vote was the last step necessary to form the company that will be known as Anheuser-Busch InBev and combine brands such as Bud Light and Budweiser with Stella Artois and Beck’s.

InBev shareholders approved the deal in September.

Effective November 18, Leuven, Belgium-based InBev changed its name to Anheuser-Busch InBev. Beginning today, the company will trade under the new ticker symbol ABI on the Euronext Brussels stock exchange.

Anheuser-Busch has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev and will retain its current headquarters in St. Louis, Mo.

Late last week, InBev agreed to an order from the U.S. Department of Justice to sell Labatt USA in order for the acquisition to move forward.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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I have had chance to see how InBev work. They strip out, sell, outsource, off shore everything. Pre Inbev, Interbrew was a proud company with its roots steeped in tradition, now the company is a fragment of itself – to quote another employee “we have traded being part of a family for being more efficient and cost effective”. I see that AB will have the same treatment – it is a sad day indeed.

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