Burger King to Sell Beer at Whopper Bar

by David Lauterbach
2010 January 24

If “having it your way” has always been a burger with a cold beer on the side, then Burger King may finally have the happy meal you’re looking for.

The country’s second largest fast-food hamburger joint will begin test selling beer down in Miami Beach, Florida at at something they call “The Whopper Bar.”  One already seems to exist at Universal Citywalk, but doesn’t sell beer.  Other tourist-y meccas like Times Square and Las Vegas are also being considered for fast-beer watering holes.

Since burgers from fast-food restaurants like BK and Mickey D’s are rather sub-par when compared to actual burger joints, I expected nothing less than to read that the beers will be brands like Budweiser and Miller, served in aluminum bottles.  A beer will be $4.25… a Whopper combo with a beer will be $7.99, a $2 premium over the same meal with a soda.

A move like this clearly moves them away from competing with the McDonald’s pre-teen market, and sets them up to begin targeting an older crowd.

So what’s the Whopper Bar like?  I’m picturing a bartender in a costume with a creepy, over-sized “King” head serving aluminum bottles with a swirly BK logo on the side.  And that was before I saw the Whopper Bar website. You can practically swap The King for the Most Interesting Man in the World and the promo images would look the same.

News Source: The Internet

The Most Interesting King in the World

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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Ronda Rody

I know if I had a choice of burger with out or with beer which joint Id be going to. KUDOS on the effort.

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