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  • 011.11.15Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending System

    The Perfect Drink scale and app is a modern bartender’s buddy. It will help you consistently create cocktails that are well-measured and well-received, whether at the kitchen counter or the home bar. In fact I can see an actual bartender using this to ooohs and aaahs in a fancy NYC bar. It’s a fusion of old timey, multiple ingredient drink recipes and modern sheen.

  • 010.24.11Say Hello to Beeri, the Siri Controlled Beer Server

    The first time I tried Siri on my iPhone I wondered who would be the first beer nerds that would be able to turn the voice-recognition assistant into a beer-fetching wench. The guys at RedPepper have created Beeri to serve this frosty purpose.

  • 01.25.11Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser is Simply Intoxicating to Watch

    The beer industry is notable for creating useless contraptions for the dispensing and distribution of beer, so it’s nice to see something that actually looks useful. The Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser fills beer cups through the bottom of the cup, you know, like magic would.

  • 07.13.10Beer Bottle-Opening Shirt Gets Robotic Too

    Only minutes after posting about the future of beer and the robots that will serve us, I got an email from ThinkGeek about their BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt. Ah, robots… is there anything you won’t be able to do?

  • 17.13.10The Future of Beer Gets Robotic

    When I saw the words “beer” and “robot” in a Tweet on Friday I figured I had seen this post before… it was either the irritating Japanese beer pouring robot, or the radio controlled “robot” cooler. But after reading through what I thought was an elaborate April Fools joke, I was convinced… these guys built a beer serving robot.