Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending System

by David Lauterbach
2015 November 11

Perfect Drink PROMixing drinks is a science. That’s why it’s called mixology. And like all sciences, it’s about the practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the details (thanks Siri). Since well-mixed drinks are crucial to their taste, it’s about time that someone brought the science of mixing to the masses with the Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending System.

The Perfect Drink is a modern bartender’s buddy. It will help you consistently create cocktails that are well-measured and well-received, whether at the kitchen counter or the home bar. In fact I can see an actual bartender using this to ooohs and aaahs in a fancy NYC bar. It’s a fusion of old timey, multiple ingredient drink recipes and modern sheen.

Although I enjoy making a good, complicated drink recipe… getting it perfect is no easy feat for most. In the days of yore, drinks were somewhat complicated. “Old Fashioned” drinks could have 6, 7, 8 ingredients. I am all for integrating more technology into the bar area of my home to help get the mix right.

The Perfect Drink is a scale that hooks up to your smartphone or tablet (Apple & Android) and communicates with the free Perfect Drink app. The Perfect Drink tells you what ingredients to use in real time… it animates the virtual glass onscreen while filling up your IRL glass with the proper fluid amount. I like that it can compensate for over-pouring by re-adjusting the amount of the other ingredients automatically.

Perfect DrinkIt comes with about 400 drink recipes and you can also create your own or customize existing recipes. You can even tell PD what you have on-hand and it will tell you what it can help you make. The scale has 1 gram accuracy and supports a half serving to nine servings, including pitchers.

There are many “skeptical” buyers and users on Amazon, but many of them end up liking the device. In the package is the smart scale, stainless steel shaker and a tablet/phone stand. The iOS or Android app is free to download.

The Perfect Drink jacks into your phone with a wire, but for a generation who shuns wires the Perfect Drink Pro has recently been released. Upgrades include Bluetooth, a backlit LCD, a stainless steel scale, Kindle support and a 100% price increase over the original. Hey, Bluetooth would be a good name for a drink actually… let’s go with Blue Curacao, Jack Daniels and a splash of Jäger for that toothy bite.

Unlike a lot of the stuff I write about… I don’t own one of these. I would not have thought that I wanted one of these. But after reading multiple good reviews around the net, and seeing (almost) a hundred good reviews on Amazon, I want one. I don’t think I would buy one, but this would make a good gift… for me and for you.

The Perfect Drink is available at Amazon and a buncha other places for around $50, the PRO is at Best Buy for around $100.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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