Beer Bottle-Opening Shirt Gets Robotic Too

by David Lauterbach
2010 July 13

Beerbot Bottle Opening ShirtOnly minutes after posting about the future of beer and the robots that will serve us, I got an email from ThinkGeek regarding their recent time traveling expedition to the year 2998 to visit “a certain friendly robot company in Tijuana” to steal and bring back a prototype bottle-opening robot… or something like that.

The story gets confusing because of soooo many thinly veiled Bender “Bending” Rodriguez references, including the actual tee shirt pic.  Man, I wish it were actually Bender, and that licensing our favorite TV characters were easier in real life (I’d drink Slurm and Lobrau by the case) but the gang from ThinkGeek had their robotic hearts in the right place with this meatbag-friendly tee.

The $20 black BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt is sure to be a hit (until you fall shit-face drunk on the floor and your “opener” goes through your chest).  Get yours while you can!

The BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt at ThinkGeek.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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