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  • 01.21.12Sam Adams Asks The Facebook Crowd to Build It’s Next Beer

    Samuel Adams is going social. Boston Beer is giving Facebook members (I think that’s 99% of you now–hi Grandma!) a say in the brewing process by crowd-sourcing a beer. Using the “Crowd Craft Project” app, Facebook fans can determine the color, clarity, body and character of the malt, hops and yeast for the collaborative beer.

  • 111.19.11Sam Adams Holiday Brews 2011

    Boston Beer is set to roll out four limited-edition brews this holiday season that include flavors such as fruits, chocolates and chilies, oh my. In addition, the brewer has 2011 editions of Infinium and Utopias, as well as a new beer in their Winter Classics Sampler pack.

  • 111.8.10Sam Adams Launching Infinium “Champagne” Beer

    Boston Beer is launching a champagne-like brew later this month to prove that beer can be worthy of a New Year’s toast. The limited run beer, called Infinium, will be sold in 750-ml bottles with foil-covered cork tops, like champagne.

  • 112.16.09Samuel Adams Boston Lager Glass

    About two years ago, my buddy John gave me a set of Samuel Adams Boston Lager Glasses. Since there is always some kind of Sammy A in my fridge, it’s nice to have some highly distinctive matching glasses.

  • 09.15.09Samuel Adams Octoberfest

    As I sit here, leaves are beginning to fall from the trees… some of them right into my beer mug. Although the crisp days of autumn are not quite upon us yet here in New York, I recognize that the Octoberfest is the perfect beer for today’s climate. This seasonal German style lager is hitting the spot.

  • 04.14.09Sam Adams LongShot Six-Pack Features Contest Winners

    The Boston Beer Co., which produces Samuel Adams, has encouraged hop lovers and malt mavens nationwide, sponsoring an annual home-brew contest. Three winners have been named from 1,300-plus entries. Now, they’ve come together in the “Samuel Adams LongShot Variety Package,” a six-pack with two bottles of each.

  • 12.24.09Economy Bad, Beer Good: Sales Are Up For Craft Brewers

    Americans may be cutting back their expenses to weather the turbulent economy, but they’re still drinking craft beer. As sales of many products are tanking, craft beer makers are seeing slow, but still-strong sales increases as they outperform the rest of beer industry.

  • 211.11.08Samuel Adams Brews Chocolate For the Holidays

    This holiday season, the Boston Beer Company is going dark. They will release Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock, defined as “a rich, delicious, full flavored chocolate beer that is sure to enhance the holiday season for beer and chocolate lovers alike.”