Lazy Man’s Chili

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2008 November 16


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  • Take at least one pound of chopped meat
  • One jar of your favorite salsa
  • One can of pinto beans
  • As much shredded cheddar cheese as you want

Generally this recipe is good for two people, even if one is a dude with a very healthy appetite. So just multiply the ingredients you’ll need based on the number of people your feeding.

You’ll notice that I’m not very precise with ingredients and amounts. That’s because I’m a guy and I like playing fast and loose with the rules of culinary expression. So don’t be a wuss – just jump in and cook to your own taste.

Fry the meat chopping finely with the spatula as you go. When it’s cooked add your favorite jar of salsa, 1/4 cup of water (oop! left that off the ingredient list) and a half a can a beans (which should be rinsed in cold water first). Stir and Stew until the juices and flavors from the salsa have been absorbed into the meat and beans.

For a beefier taste substitute beef gravy for the water.

I highly suggest using this as filing for burritos, tacos and chimichangas. Just add cheese, sweet wonderful cheese, and bake. Pick up some tortillas or taco shells at the supermarket.

If you want to substitute chicken breast, allow it to marinade in the salsa and water for 30 minutes before frying.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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