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  • 011.16.08Bowl of Red (Chili)

    The best recipes come from the best kept secrets. My grandmother got a chili recipe from a guy who sold it in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. It was a secret recipe that he kept closely guarded all his life.

  • 011.16.08Lazy Man’s Chili

    This is a great chili recipe for all of you lazy shlubs out there who want home made chili and want it NOW!

  • 011.16.08Cluckin’ Bean Chili

    We found something for all you weirdos that like chili but not the beefing kind. This will serve about 6 of you with no seconds, so if you’re hungry plan ahead.

  • 111.16.08Turkey Rub

    Don’t miss out on the Turkey Rub if you’re going to be deep frying a turkey! This is a great alternative to packaged seasoning.

  • 011.16.08Lazy Man’s Layered Dip

    This is John’s Famous & Appetizing Beef Dip. It first requires making his Lazyman’s Chili… and making one thing to make another leads us to believe he ain’t that lazy after all. But it is good.