Entries tagged ‘cheese’

  • 11.12.09His ‘n Hers Nachos

    My girlfriend likes healthy food… and I don’t. If this is also a food dilemma in your life, try these nachos with half-a-healthy twist.

  • 011.16.08Lazy Man’s Chili

    This is a great chili recipe for all of you lazy shlubs out there who want home made chili and want it NOW!

  • 011.16.08Italian Burger

    Mama mia, that’s a spicy meatball. A few simple additions to your ground beef will make this burger as sweet as a sausage.

  • 111.16.08Home Run Chicken

    This was formerly called lazy man’s chicken but the ladies seem to love it so much that my slugging percentage dramatically increases whenever I make it – if you know what mean.

  • 111.16.08Chicken ala Frank

    One day Frank was looking for a way to punch up his classic chicken parm dinner. He stumbled upon his secret ingredient, like so many of us do, while starring into a mostly empty refrigerator.

  • 011.16.08Cluckin’ Bean Chili

    We found something for all you weirdos that like chili but not the beefing kind. This will serve about 6 of you with no seconds, so if you’re hungry plan ahead.

  • 211.16.08Armadillo Eggs

    You’ve heard it before… in Texas they do everything big. So as true as the tale of Pecos Bill ridin’ that tornada from here to the state line, this recipe takes the little bastard that has become known as a popper, and made a big ass deal out of it.