Entries by John

  • 102.16.09Beamish Irish Stout

    Like most beer drinkers I look forward to March and St. Patrick’s day as an excuse to get sloppy. But it’s also an excuse to try some beers with an Irish heritage that you may not always drink on a regular basis.

  • 22.16.09Murphy’s Irish Red

    I have had a good deal of Murphy’s Irish Red in my day- and in my nights. For the most part it’s been the draft version as served in a dark, dank Irish Pub. It’s dry, crisp and hoppy with a rich red hue.

  • 011.16.08Lazy Man’s Chili

    This is a great chili recipe for all of you lazy shlubs out there who want home made chili and want it NOW!

  • 111.16.08Home Run Chicken

    This was formerly called lazy man’s chicken but the ladies seem to love it so much that my slugging percentage dramatically increases whenever I make it – if you know what mean.

  • 111.16.08Chicken Marsala

    This is the type of dish you make for your girlfriend’s parents after they find out that you’ve be doing it in their bed. It’s real good but takes some work.

  • 011.16.08Chicken Francais

    Another of John’s favorite chicken dishes. John likes to play fast & loose with the rules of culinary expression (that means he makes a big mess as he’s cooking).

  • 011.16.08Lazy Man’s Layered Dip

    This is John’s Famous & Appetizing Beef Dip. It first requires making his Lazyman’s Chili… and making one thing to make another leads us to believe he ain’t that lazy after all. But it is good.

  • 03.17.02Sapporo

    If you have ever been to a Japanese restaurant or ever purchased beer considering only the size and shape of the container, then you have most likely seen or heard of Sapporo Original Draft Beer.

  • 179.17.00Rolling Rock

    I know this review may create a great deal of controversy. But the facts are simple. We here at the Belly aren’t concerned about calories, we’re concerned about taste and quality. That’s why I consider Rolling Rock to be the best “light” beer.