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Dos Equis Amber

Dos Equis Amber: First World Flavor from a Third World Beer

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by John Carroll
2009 March 30

Dos EquisAsk most people to name a Mexican beer and they’ll name Corona. Coincidentally, if you ask most people to name a bodily fluid, they’ll name urine. That’s why I feel the need to educate the masses about Dos Equis Amber which is so superior to Corona you’d think that Corona came from Guatemala. By the way, Guatemala : Mexico:: Mexico: USA. That means Guatemala’s main export to Mexico is dishwashers. This is strictly a socioeconomic observation and is not meant to be taken as an ethnic slur for you PC people.

Like most people, I love Mexican food- and we’re not talking Taco Bell here. Since my first real Mexican restaurant visit approximately 21 years ago, I’ve grown to appreciate all things wrapped in tortillas and covered with cheese and salsa. When I was old enough to order a beer with my Mexican food (or old enough to look old enough) there were few brew choices and Corona was not one of them. I can’t say I remember the exact day that I first ordered a Dos Equis but I can’t recall ordering anything else since.

Dos Equis Amber is actually classified as a lager, but it has the body and bouquet of a fine amber ale. It’s something like a Newcastle Brown Ale mixed with Sam Adams. Most interestingly it seems to have less carbonation and/or gas than your average lager. That’s why I wonder if our friends south of the border may be a little confused about the type of beer they’re brewing. As a result of its reduced gas producing elements, Dos Equis Amber makes the perfect match for food already rich in gas producing ingredients (i.e. beans, onions and cheese).

The history behind Dos Equis is also very interesting. Dos Equis has been brewed since 1900 and was developed by master brewer Wilhelm Haase who emigrated from his native Germany to Mexico and melded the traditions of his homeland with the ones of his new country to create this excellent brew. The brew was originally called “Siglo XX” to signify the coming millennium. It seems some ad whiz should have tried to capitalize on this during the hoopla surrounding last year’s faux millennium celebration but missed the opportunity. Of course today we all know Siglo XX as Dos Equis or the “two x’s” in English.

My love of all things Mexican has evolved into a unhealthy obsession with Salma Hayek and a yearning to live a life more like Anthony Quinn (who is half Mexican and half Irish) by humping around and fathering illegitimate children into my seventies. But most importantly, it has lead to my yearly tradition of celebrating Cinco de Mayo with mucho Mexican food and you better bet mucho Dos Equis.

So take it from me and my unhealthy obsessions, try Dos Equis Amber and never order Corona again. NEVER. I would also recommend not confusing Dos Equis Amber with Dos Equis Special Lager. The latter tastes like Molson made with urine. If you have trouble imaging that, trust me it’s not good. The only product actually made with urine that still tastes good is Mello Yello. But now I’ve said too much.

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Dos Equis Amber: First World Flavor from a Third World Beer – Brian's Belly

Ted Terrific

I concur that Dos Equis Amber is the best beer I’ve had. This is particularly true if you can find it on tap and at the right temperature. Another Viennese Amber I would recommend (on tap) is Alaskan Amber, but I’ll take Dos Equis first if it’s available.

j fuller

Living so close to the mexican border in Chula Vista since 1978, i have been drinking Dos Equis and Dos Equis amber in bottles and on tap for over 15 years. It is not necessarily a favorite of mine, but for value and drinkability it is a good choice. Dos Equis has a strong similarity to Becks German Lager with its smooth taste and mild flavor. My personal favorite Newcastle, has a bold, rich, flavor compared to Dos Equis Amber. As always…Stay Thirsty My Friends!

[…] company has a really interesting history behind it, and some more information can be found here (4th paragraph down) and of course on Wikipedia. The Dos Equis company has been a relatively unknown in the U.S. until […]

roger coley

i live in a small town in mid Michigan the only store is(riverside market) on oak st Durand mi 48429 they don’t carry Dos Equis Amber i used to live in a lot bigger city and got hooked on amber now i can’t get it without driving approx 30 miles any suggestion roger

dos equis

I think the epicness of the Dos Equis guy can be summed up here:



dos equis amber is a superb beer with a nice bite up front and no wheat or malt aftertaste which I hate, negra modelo is now my second favorite brew. I just had a sam adams at it had that tremendous wheat/malt taste, I could barely get thru the glass. Great to find others that enjoy DA as much as I do.


Dos Equis Amber was first introduced to me by a friend and it is one of my TOP 3 brews. I was floored when I first tasted it, makes Corona taste pretty pathetic. Do yourself a favor give it a try !!!! I agree 100% with the post above !!!

Howard Luttrell

I actually like Dos Equis Lager Especial in bottle or on tap. Dos Equis Amber better on tap. However, Newcastle “on tap” is by far my favorite beer; not great in bottles!

Justin Iggar

I agree. Dos Equis is way better than Corona. Corona seems to be a trendy beer among Gringos who wish they were on spring break.

Rick, I assume cheese-smothered dishes like Choriqueso are Mexican-American rather than Mexican. As you probably know, actual Mexican food is not made up of the enchiladas and burritos that we get here in America.


Which region of Mexico is known for covering their food with cheese? I’ve never been there. Have you?

Clyde Beaty

I worked as a chemist-microbiologist for large brewery in Azusa, California years back. Had very good friend and neighbor who sold beer for Pabst- or tried to sell against our ” Lucky Lager” with its “X” Label. He could not make one bit of inroad in to the very large Mexican peoples market and trade in Southern California! I had to admit that Distributors of Lucky had taken good and cold Lucky by truckloads of cold beer- gratis! and had gone to the very backwoods, chaparral, puckerbrush, and boondocks ofCalifornia even for one case at a time customers- very dependable!… Read more »


For the Dos Equis virgin, where can I buy in Ireland?



This comment is for Evan. You need to go back to your trailer park and leave the refined taste of Dos Equis to the rest of us sophisticated entrepreneurs!!!


I welcome!
I am called Tomasz Mikołajczyk, for 19 years I hew 30years, I am collecting bottle caps,I am coming from Poland but for two years I live and working in Maynooth near Dublin.
I would be very grateful and exquisitely happy 🙂 if you could send me some bottle caps from your collection,of achievements.
I thanks and I am greeting.

Tomasz Mikołajczyk
Manor Court 5
Co. Kildare


Dos Equis is a fine beer indeed. However, it is nothing like Sam Adams and holds absolutely no similar characteristics at all to Newcastle. Newcastle is not a good beer and is quite heavy compared to Dos Equis amber. I do agree to order this over a Corona and go ahead and squeeze the lime…

Mike Koch

Have been a devoted fan of Dos Equis Amber for more years than I care to admit. Rates as one of my 5 favorite brews, right up there with Hacker-Pschorr Hefewiessen.


Yes, I vote for Dos Equis amber … have enjoyed it for years and is still what I order with a meal at Tequila’s …. !

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