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Presidente: Hail to el Heffe

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by Brian Bailey
2008 November 3

New Presidente label, thanks Lola!Picture this: you are sunning your fat ass on a pristine white sand beach surrounded by crystal clear blue water, and a bevy of bronzed beauties. There is a cool breeze blowing constantly so you cannot feel the heat as you slowly roast yourself under the scorching afternoon sun of the Dominican Republic. Sound nice? It’s even better when you have a frosty green bottle of El Presidente Cerveza in your hand.

Brewed in Santo Domingo, the capitol of the beautiful if impoverished nation that shares a border with the even more impoverished Haiti, Presidente is the Domincan’s most popular beer. Despite the spanish speaking natives of the DR the bottle proudly declares in English that Presidente is brewed “With a Fine Selection of Malting Hops, Barley, and Corn Grits.” So the Dominicans aren’t that adept at advertising. 

At first smell the golden liquid seems a tad skunky, but so does Molsen so let’s get beyond that shall we? The pilsner type beer provides a crisp taste that is not unlike Red Stripe or Rolling Rock. Hey, this stuff isn’t a beer lovers dream. It doesn’t taste like anything special but that’s what is so great about it. This beer is meant to be enjoyed on a hot summer day when the temperature in the shade reaches into the hundreds. 

Take a drive through any Hispanic neighborhood and you will see the true popularity of this beverage. It is not uncommon to see groups of folks sitting on a porch in aluminum folding chairs listening to Merengue and laughing late into the night. We are talking about people who love a good time and they make sure Presidente is part of that good time.

I recently ordered one up in Bobby Valentine’s (manager of the New York Mets) restaurant in Corona, Queens. By the time I had finished mine, each of the eleven drunks I was with had ordered their own and a good time was had by all- and that’s really what Presidente is all about. 

I LOVE this beer. But keep this in mind, the first time I had one I was sunning my fat ass on a pristine beach surrounded by crystal clear blue water and a bevy of bronzed beauties. But even if you have one in your backyard I think you’ll appreciate this beer simply for what it is- a simple, unpretentious beer for the long haul. But by all means, make sure the beer is COLD. Freaking cold. 

Me gusta El Presidente cerveza.

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Presidente cerveza isn’t too bad. It’s not my favorite Caribbean beer by any means but it does seem to have a large following. I like Carib, Red Strip and Caybrew better.


j navarro

La mejor cerveza el verdadero sabor

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