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Tecate: “Can” Do Cervesa

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by Rob Lieblein
2009 March 30

TecateWhen the summer is in full swing and the livin’ is easy, chances are your cooler is stocked with beer from south of the border. Could it be those clear glass bottles that require a citrus infusion to kill the amoebas before drinking? I bet it is. I’ve been there myself.

But I’d like to suggest an alternative Mexican beer. One that tastes better, gets cold faster, and stacks more easily in your cooler. That beer is Tecate.

Most of us have seen Tecate. Most of us have not tasted it, though. It’s the beer in the ugly red can that someone at the table across from you is drinking in the Mexican restaurant. Starting to ring a bell?

I’ve only seen Tecate in cans, and as a matter of principle I probably wouldn’t drink it from a bottle if I saw one. The can is just one of the things that sets this cerveza in a class of its own among Mexican beers (ever see Corona or Dos Equis in good old aluminum?). Clear glass bottles tend to scare me. First of all, sunlight is the enemy of beer. It skunks it. Why do you think most beers are bottled in dark-colored glass? Second of all, I understand the risks I take when I drink any water-based product from Mexico, but do I really need to see the wildlife swimming around in there?

Another feature of Tecate that make it the iconoclast of Mexican brews is that it’s rarely served with lime. And if it is, the person serving you is an amateur—put the lime aside and save it for your tequila shot. Tecate has its own flavor, and it’s a pretty good one too. Crisp and refreshing, with just a slightly bitter aftertaste, Tecate doesn’t merely cut the chimichanga grease and tame the habañero fire, it actually complements the grease and fire. What’s more, it’s very refreshing and satisfying when consumed ice-cold on a hot sunny beach. Just make sure you have a good beer can cozy to keep it cold.

Tecate’s web site boasts that this beer “shares the pride of having the attitude of modern Mexicans.” I have absolutely no idea what that means (and I’ve given it some thought). But I do recommend that you try a few cans with your next tamale (whomever she may be)—perhaps the answer will come to you in an epiphany. Adios, muchachos.

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Nothing wrong with this beer. Perfect for a hot summer day and it’s body is condusive to the warm climates of Mexico and the SW US where it is popular. CAn’t beat the price either.


Dear Sir, Tecate is a fine beer, Tecate Light is even better, and just cuz u dont see it in bottles in your neighborhood doesnt mean it doesn exist, please inform yourself, yes it comes in amber glass bottles and in cans, even in cans larger than the usual.

The only beers that should go served with lime and the occasions it should occur are the next:

1 .- Corona with the ambient temperature above 86°F
2 .- Pacifico at the beach, also with the ambient temperature above 86°F.

[…] Tecate. One of Baja California’s most popular exports, cooler-friendly Tecate is the subject of a fun review at Brian’s Belly at […]


I love Tecate. F the haters. I get it for $18 case. Even the can is awesome. Tastes great, great buzz off of it & it is much better than it’s price. You can keep $30 craft beers that taste like hot dogs mashed up in coffee w maple syrup no thanks.


I dont give a damn what anyone says….. tecate is a great beer. not the greatest in the world but for sure stands its ground. taste and smoothness dominates XX and i’ve switched from drinking corona to tecate which in my opinion not only saved me a few bucks but gave me a little more character. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, corona isn’t any better of a beer because it costs more. it merely cost more do to the fact of popularity in the commercial world of drinking. I’ve had it out of the brown bottle and can and… Read more »

heylel shalem

tecate is a pretty smooth beer. and the price is right. A lot tastier then the domestic beers in the same price range and no real nasty after taste either.


ola pues esta cerve esta rica yo la disfruto al tomarla con mis parhy

[…] Tecate. One of Baja California’s most popular exports, cooler-friendly Tecate is the subject of a fun review at Brian’s Belly at […]

Jim James

Tecate is the Busch of Mexican Beers…. not a good thing. Corona has far more character and is way smoother.

Only think Tecate has going for it is that Jim Morrison liked it, and he was cool… but an alcoholic also… so whatever.


Good stuff. I drunk this stuff while in mexico a few years back.

El Viejo Gringo

Tecate is a great, authentic cervesa that has behind it a loyal following, not a slick ad campaign. So glad that it’s available on the East Coast of US.

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