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Bacon Hot Sauce: Bring on the Heat and the Meat

by David Lauterbach
2010 November 4

ThinkGeek has added yet another delicious bacon product to their line-up. It’s been said that there’s nothing that can’t be improved by the addition of bacon… Bacon Hot Sauce brings the meat and the heat to your next meal.

You know the expression “When Pigs Fly”? That’s what chicken wings dipped in Bacon Hot Sauce taste like. Impossibly good. Piglets sprouting scrumptious flying appendages good.

I practically can’t wait for my next Sunday morning hangover to use Bakon Vodka with tomato juice and Bacon Hot Sauce to make a Bacon Mary. A sick of bacon posing as a stick of celery is not out of the question either.

Unfortunately, like most other baconated products lately (we’re looking at you Baconnaise) Bacon Hot Sauce is “favored” to taste like bacon and is vegetarian friendly. Nooooooo!

Bacon Hot Sauce at ThinkGeek and Amazon.

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2010 November 4
Cleveland Rocks! permalink

I think bacon flavored technology has finally hit it’s stride!

2010 November 9

I agree, Bacon Hot Sauce is great for “piggy wings”. I like to mix it in my ketchup for burgers and dogs too.

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