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All I ever did was supply a need that was pretty popular.

— Al Capone regarding prohibition



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  • 66.22.01Heineken Special Dark
    3.63 average, 84 votes

    While strolling down my local beermongers isle the other day, I noticed the cases of Heineken Special Dark hidden just under the regular Heineken stack. This was one of those amazing moments you have when you think “Wow! A new beer I’d like to drink.”

  • 01.15.01Yuengling Lager
    4.24 average, 484 votes

    Philadelphia is widely considered the United States’ most patriotic city (sorry Boston). Everywhere you go are the remnants of history and heroism. From the Liberty Bell to Valley Forge, Philly is fiercely loyal to its heritage. Therefore it makes sense that it is impossibly loyal to the oldest brewery in America-The Yuengling Brewery.

  • 129.17.00Rolling Rock
    2.92 average, 387 votes

    I know this review may create a great deal of controversy. But the facts are simple. We here at the Belly aren’t concerned about calories, we’re concerned about taste and quality. That’s why I consider Rolling Rock to be the best “light” beer.

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