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Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde

Pete’s Strawberry: This Blonde Is No Bimbo

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by David Lauterbach
2000 May 5

Pete's WickedThroughout the course of drunken history, men have compared all sorts of things to women- a woman is like a rose… a woman is like a fine automobile… a woman is like an apple pie.

And of course, a woman is like a beer.

If God had bothered to ask me what beer I thought women should taste like- already being drunk, I would probably have answered something like “God, boobie, there ain’t nothing like a Strawberry Blonde on my tongue.” And God, not liking the tone in my voice or the sexual connotation of my answer OR the fact that I called him boobie, would have smithed me or plagued me or done something including, but not limited to “biblical” proportions.

But the point I was getting to (be it ever so slight) is that beer has always been compared to women, and it follows form that blonde beers have always had a bit of a beautiful, sexual feeling to them. And adding to that, Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde adds that tiny bit of sweetness to the brew style that makes it extraordinarily balanced, sweet and refreshing… just like that woman we’re all looking for, and comparing it to.

The light, golden color and pleasant strawberry aroma (I’m talking about the beer) goes down (heh, still the beer) and stays down until I’m spent (now I’m talking about a woman).

But seriously, the strawberry flavor does not overpower the beer, so it’s not “fruity” at all. In fact to me, the strawberry helps balance out the wheaty flavor that I don’t care for in most blondes.

Oh, and this beer doesn’t go particularly well with cheese doodles (neither do computer keyboards).

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