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Coors Light

In Defense of Coors Light

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by Ed McShea
2002 July 12

Coors Light

EOD. Equal Opportunity Drinkers… that’s what we are. We do a lot of Coors Light bashing around here, so presented in the spirit of fairness for your consideration is a beer commentary by Belly Buddy Ed McShea. Please be assured that Ed’s opinions do not reflect the opinions of the management. Although this editor has the power of final say on this website and the even more powerful Unix rm (delete) command, this beer diatribe is being posted. Ed is basically bending over and asking for you to kick him in the hops, so please feel free to rate this beer and add comments as you see fit.

It is generally accepted here inside the halls of Brian’s Belly that Coors Light shouldn’t be considered a “real” beer. Compared to most of the beers reviewed on this site, Coors Light doesn’t come close to measuring up to their standards- i.e. taste, craftsmanship, aesthetics etc…

I won’t dispute the above statements. Coors Light is a mass produced, watered down, weak (a.k.a. light) tasting beer [bold face added by site editor]. What I will argue is that Coors Light is an APPROPRIATE beer on occasion- it’s for the “Dog Days of Summer”. While I’ll generally drink it year round, Coors Light is an amazing Summer-time beer. A REFRESHING beer. I find nothing better goes down after (and during, sometimes) a dusty, hot summer afternoon softball game, after mowing my expansive 100 sq. ft. lawn, or while sweating over the grill. Throwing back a cold Coors Light really hits the spot.

And that’s the key: it has to be COLD. Following Brew Master Rob’s formula for enjoying PBR, Coors Light has to be served ICE COLD (what’s that, like 32ºF?). Any warmer and yeah, it’ll taste like crap. Guzzling down a few Coors Light when I’m real thirsty is pretty neat.

That brings me to the second reason I like the Silver Bullet- a lot of the brews found here in The Belly are great drinking beers. They’re made to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, savoring all the subtleties and flavors crafted into them. They’re made for example to enhance dinners, like wine.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these craft brews too. However, Coors Light is made for serious mass consumption- you don’t find Sam Adams or Harp with 16oz. wide mouth bottles, do ya? Or how ’bout 30 packs?!? When I’m getting ready for some serious, long-haul drinking, I go with Coors Light. Trying to avoid the cliches, Coors Light doesn’t fill you up, it’s fairly smooth, and honestly I think there’s enough flavor to remind me that it’s really beer. There’s been many drinking weekends where Coors Light has been the main choice of beverage. Not for ALL of us, but a few of us. OK, OK. Just me and my wife. Actually, I’m not alone here… Coors Light is one of the number one selling light beers in America.

OK, you still can’t stand the stuff. Fine. Maybe your sense of environmentalism will get you to drink it. On January 22, 1959, Coors Brewing Co. introduced the aluminum can to beer packaging. It replaced the steel can that had been in use for over 20 years. It was more expensive to use aluminum, but Mr. Coors felt it made the beer taste better and the idea of recycling the cans was appealing to him- as well as to the environment. And it makes their 30 packs light! But if you don’t like the cans, Coors Light comes in bottles- small and tallnecks.

Look, you’re all gonna give me crap for this commentary. But please understand that I understand that Coors Light isn’t the greatest beer ever. I just prefer drinking it when I’m really hot and thirsty, as opposed to a heavier, more filling beer.

So kill me. I’ll be refreshed.

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[…] But Coors Light moving ahead of Budweiser? These are strange days. Websites that allow public beer ranking like Beer Advocate, Rate Beer and our own site, typically put Coors Light at the bottom of the swill. In fact, the top five selling beers are usually at the bottom of most ratings-based website. In our own circle, Coors Light has only one cheerleader, Buddy Ed McShea. […]


Coors light is the worst thing to happen to beers since probation. I see their commercials on TV, and ask how can people drinking Coors Light behaving any fun? This beer is undrinkable and i can hardly force it down my throat before it goes flat. I World rather drinks is cheaper cousin Keystone light then this crap. Its water with a hint of beer. Do not buy!!!!!

beer guru

Coors light is not the number one selling beer in america, bud light is. I dont even drink bud light. I think your a little biased in you domestic ratinhs of bud and bud lt but saying coors light is an ok beer? bud lt, coors lt, and miller lt are mass produced for general consumption. Less people drink budweiser, and a true bud drinker prefers 16oz chilled to 32 degrees. I like that you prefer flavorable beers on roads less traveled but seriously who needs blue mountains or vortex bottles.

justin braider

Coors Light, and all Coors products, suck balls. If you like lighter beer in hot weather, drink PBR. Coors Light is not only shitty beer, it’s so politically incorrect (ultra-conservative, union-loathing American ownership- since sold to British)it’s not funny, (used to be made by)made by American Pete Coors who hated giving the working man a square break (look it up). If it was the only “I could drink lots of these on a super hot day int he summer beer,” fine, but it’s not, and it tastes like urine compared to PBR. Let the ignorant cowboy masses and dumb broads… Read more »

Beer Huner

Real Men don’t drink Coors Light or “C-Lights” as my girl friends call it. Maybe they should spend more money on the ingredients in their beer instead of mountains turning blue to let me know my beer is cold, I mean if I cant tell if the beer is cold maybe I should stop drinking!

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