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  • 412.13.09Golden Wheat Sales Up: Do You Really Love Bud Light That Much?

    For whatever reason, Blue Moon wheat beer–brewed by MillerCoors–is one of the hottest-selling “craft” brews by a major bottler, but Anheuser-Busch is angling to cut in on that growth with its new Bud Light Golden Wheat. Only two months after its debut, the new wheat beer has nearly matched Blue Moon’s monthly sales.

  • 18.1.09MillerCoors Tests Draft-Beer Box

    Box of beer anyone? MillerCoors has begun testing the sale of $20 draft-beer systems for your fridge. MillerCoors, which is the U.S. distribution system for SAB Miller and MolsonCoors (confused? I think they want it that way) has begun testing the 1.5-gallon “Home Draft.”

  • 01.24.09Cheers to 50 Years of Aluminum Beer Cans

    MillerCoors is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the recyclable aluminum can. After many prototypes and several years in development, the first aluminum cans rolled off the line at the Coors Golden brewery on Jan. 22, 1959.

  • 07.9.08Coors to Brew Far From the Rockies

    Coors beer and the Rocky Mountains was a magical marketing combination for 135 years. But with last week’s merger of the U.S. operations of Coors and Miller, Coors products now will be brewed in such flatland locales as Trenton, Ohio, and Irwindale, Calif.  The brewer will save $500 million from “cross-brewing” at Miller and Coors […]

  • 57.12.02In Defense of Coors Light

    EOD. Equal Opportunity Drinkers… that’s what we are. We do a lot of Coors Light bashing around here, so presented in the spirit of fairness for your consideration is a beer commentary by Belly Buddy Ed McShea.