MillerCoors Tests Draft-Beer Box

by David Lauterbach
2009 August 1

Box of beer anyone? MillerCoors has begun testing the sale of $20 draft-beer systems for your fridge. MillerCoors, which is the U.S. distribution system for SAB Miller and MolsonCoors (confused? I think they want it that way) has begun testing the 1.5-gallon “Home Draft” for its biggest brands — Miller Lite and Coors Light — in about a half-dozen cities, including Dallas, Phoenix and San Diego.

MillerCoors Beer BoxThe box is designed to fit into refrigerators for drinkers to consume periodically, rather than for one-time party use and is part of a string of new products and package innovation from beer giants grappling for market share in a crowded industry.

MillerCoors’s new Home Draft systems are meant to be placed upright in a refrigerator, which will keep the beer fresh for about 30 days. The price per ounce is roughly 15% higher than for an 18-pack of the same beer, MillerCoors said.

So my thoughts? This is not duplicating the draft beer experience you might get from a good beer served from a pressurized draft beer system in your favorite bar. If you must drink the Budmillors of the world, don’t do it out of a plastic drum in a cardboard box, buy a cheaper 18-pack of good ‘ole aluminum cans.  Then, when you’re down to the last one, you won’t still have a two square-foot box in your fridge.

Full story at the Wall Street Journal.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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I still have half a coord keg of beer. I can not get the beer out of the keg.
I have entertained the idea of hiring a babby sitter to keep my beer
glass under the spout.

I might try to drill a hole in the bottom to get my beer out of the keg.

Any thoughts? Please comment!x