Remote Controlled Beer Pager

by David Lauterbach
2009 November 29

Beer PagerFrequently loosing your beer at BBQ’s?  This may be one electronic solution to the problem. The “Incredible Remote Controlled Beer Pager” locates your lost or stolen beer instantly.

It’s a coolie on it’s own remote controlled coaster. Clicking the remote unleashes a satisfying burp and some flashing lights that helps you find your beer. The guys at were nice enough to send us one of these to give it a try. I had it out on Thanksgiving to see if it passed muster with my drinking brothers.

It certainly works as advertised, but the kids found it to be more fun–hijacking the remote, my nephew ran all over the place hitting the button and it still kept on burping from a distance.

In the end the kids loved it and it was good for lots of laughs. We adults prefer marking our cans and bottles (a turned tab or dent for cans or a peel in the label for bottles) or using our own variously colored Brian’s Belly coolies on a hot day.

Support a small business and get it direct from

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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