• Will a beer left sealed in the bottle ever expire? The short answer is yes. But the longer answer is that it depends. We’ve all wondered about it, TheKitchn recently looked at the science a bit… and it got us thinking…

  • The $100 billion U.S. brewing industry is staggering into the summer, drunk on the profits of yesteryear’s strong economy. Sales of 11 of the biggest brands fell recently… big beer titans Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Lite all declined. Maybe Drinkability®™ didn’t have so much Profitability®™ after all.

  • Alton Brown, the creator, writer and host of The Food Network’s “Good Eats,” wants to teach American cooks to stop being recipe followers and become hackers. We spoke with Alton to find out more about one man’s quest to educate the culinary world about food and heat.

  • Not that it would have stopped most of us from devouring our favorite chopped steak, but a recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health says that the heart risk that has been associated with red meat does not come from steak, hamburgers and other non-processed cuts. Now for the bad news…

  • Want to be the first guy at the job site to heat his pastrami sandwich in his high-tech lunchbox? How about the only one at the office who cooks his Ramen at his desk? For me, I just want to heat a few frozen White Castle’s in my garage without my significant other knowing. Meet the WaveBox, a 600-watt, AC/DC-powered instant kitchen.

  • According to a study in the Journal of Studies (on Alcohol and Drugs), children who aren’t allowed to watch R-rated movies are much less likely to start drinking at an early age. Turns out, alcohol consumption appears in about 90 percent of R-rated movies, and that’s fine with me.

  • Here in the U.S., we get 7-Eleven’s Game Day beer… Northern Ireland gets to test a new lager from the brewery that made stout famous. Guinness Black Lager has been introduced to–and is on trial at–400 bars across Northern Ireland.

  • You say you enjoy drinking a six-pack on the couch while watching movies, but all these good-looking, sober, Hollywood-types make you feel like a lush? Well, loosen your belt, dust off your VCR and throw back a shot of our top-shelf vicarious video. It’s time for our Drunk Dozen: The Top Twelve Drinkinest Movies of All Time!

  • Cutting edge for its time, and masterfully directed by Billy Wilder, Weekend introduced the DT’s to the malaise-encrusted world of the ’50s, as Ray’s character goes on a weekend bender. “I’m not a drinker, I’m a drunk,” is how Ray describes himself.

  • Expatriate Duke, Sean Thornton, comes home to Ireland after a lifetime in the States and finds that he’s out of step with the customs of his natural-born country. Luckily there’s one male-bonding ritual that’s the same in any hemisphere.

  • Nick has a problem, his left leg is hollow, so he spends the length of the film trying to fill it with liquor. In the meantime, he manages to strike a bargain with hot-whitebread-hooker Elizabeth Shue.

  • Neophyte Wiley Wiggans learns the rites-of-passage ropes from football jocks with hearts of gold, as he goes on a beer-soaked odyssey.

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