WaveBox Portable Microwave for Hot Pockets on the go

by David Lauterbach
2010 May 13

WaveBox Microwave OvenWant to be the first guy at the job site to heat his pastrami sandwich in his high-tech lunchbox? How about the only one at the office who cooks his Ramen at his desk without waiting in line at the kitchen? For me, I just want to heat a few frozen White Castle’s in my garage without my significant other knowing.

Meet the WaveBox, a 600-watt, AC/DC-powered instant kitchen… complete with ABS casing and a heavy-duty handle. It comes with a soft cooler that fits inside the heating compartment, keeping your grub cold until it’s time to cook.

The WaveBox bills itself as the world’s first portable microwave oven, but I think that’s only AFTER they strongarmed the “Funcooker” into submission. Remember the “Funcooker” from 30 Rock? That episode launched a buttload of traffic for an ACTUAL $130 product called the iWaveCube. I remember looking into the sold-out product, and orders were backlogged for weeks or months. Well, now the website that sold them doesn’t exist anymore; not even the Wayback Machine could find it… it’s been nuked from the net.

But demand for portable microwaves must be stronger than we think since the WaveBox has been featured all over the place. I never thought of a really practical use until I noticed ThinkGeek connect the WaveBox to the days of reckoning when Zombies finally overrun society. It WILL be a necessary item in your apocalypse survival kit. Celebrate with a hot taquito after a Zombie kill (double-tap to the head).

$200 bucks at ThinkGeek (and others).

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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