Powdered Beer

by David Lauterbach
2009 April 1

Powdered BeerWouldn’t it be cool if someone invented a powder that turned regular tap water into beer? Powdered Beer has been formulated by Munich-based research chemist, Hans Schattenhose. All hail Prof. Schattenhose!

Simply empty one packet into a pint glass and fill with water. It’s all there… hops, barley, carbonation and 5.2% alcohol. You’ll be powder-drunk in no time. The science of Powdered Beer has something to do with breakthrough technology that allows yeast to be freeze dried then forced out of suspension by water. But who cares about that when you can create alcoholic alchemy wherever there’s a tap.

The downside is that this ships all the way from the UK… with the current exchange rate, that’s almost $12 for a six-pack. But think about all the great uses for this… an emergency pint in your pocket at the game, an early class or at church.

I just ordered a few six-packs… they are going straight into my apocalypse box along with a 100-pack of Slim Jim’s, several boxes of radiation-proof Twinkie’s and a bag of adult diapers.

Get it at Firebox.com. Click the buy button for current exchange rates and shipping info.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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Man! Powdered beer– what an invention. Can you imagine how camping will be now, when you can just add water and get drunk?! Perfection.


If I use urine instead of water, does it taste like Coors Light?


It’s about time! Mine is on it’s way.

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