Perdue Beer Can Chicken

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2023 August 16


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OK, yes… this site needs an update. We barely post anymore. Plugins are dying. But I have been assured that an occasional post is better than none at all.

I recently bought a gimmicky 6-pack of Perdue brand Beer Can Chicken Beer. My buddies were flabbergasted to say the least. “Yeech” was the best I can post from the thread of supporters.

But you know, I want to be the Brian’s Belly guy that has been there and done it all when it comes to brash, fun, or off-beat cooking. Yet I have never done a beer can chicken… always seemed like a thing that, um, maybe was not that important in my life.

To my surprise, the beer can chickens I made were rather delicious. Like really delicious. Maybe as good as rotisserie chickens I’ve made, with half the mess on my outdoor grill.

I started with two Perdue Gourmet 3.75lb birds, $6.99 each on sale. I dry-rubbed them with my favorite turkey dry-rub from Tony Chacherie. I poured two halves of two Perdue cans of beer into a glass for drinking, and the other two half’s remained in the cans for poultry stability. I set my 4-burner gas grill about medium overall, with the two center burners under the chickens low and the two on the sides at about medium-low. This kept the grill at about 375º for an hour. While they cooked, I just checked on them and kept flair-ups down. I used my favorite instant read thermometer after an hour and removed them.

The chickens? DELICIOUS! The other halves of the beer I drank? Meh to Bleh. Imagine a beer that you drink and then start to think of chicken broth. That’s the beer! Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (see photo). Sad to say it’s brewed in the Bronx, NY… which is weird AND ironic since I am born and raised in the Bronx… unlike any chickens I know. Just TRY posting we are chickens.

Anyway… Fun thing to try!

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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