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  • 08.16.23Perdue Beer Can Chicken

    I recently bought a gimmicky 6-pack of Perdue brand Beer Can Chicken Beer. My buddies were flabbergasted to say the least. “Yeech” was the best I can post from the thread of supporters.

  • 111.10.10Turducken for Thanksgiven

    Not unlike the delicious deep fried turkey, the turducken has swooped in as one of the birds that all the cool kids will be eating this Thanksgiving.

  • 1211.16.08Belly Burning Buffalo Wings

    I’ve been all around this great country of ours and I’ve tried a lot of Buffalo wings… from “sweet” to “classic” to “atomic.” Armed with a well-traveled palate for poultry, I’ve created an all encompassing guide to create your own Belly Burning Buffalo Wings at home.

  • 011.16.08The Tasteful Teriyaki

    Historically, the very first contribution to our website from a girl. Belly Babe Laurissa James takes aim at our beloved textiles but delivers a good chicken teriyaki recipe.