How Peeps Are Made

by David Lauterbach
2009 March 28

I am a big fan of Peeps, the little marshmallow chicks that candy manufacturer Just Born ships to just about every grocery and drug store in the world to stocks the shelves with around Easter.

I’ve always maintained that Peeps taste best after you puncture the wrapping and wait a few days before eating. The “ripened” Peeps get a nice, slightly chewier texture than a fresh Peep has. Just this morning I found a pack of Peeps in the back of the cupboard from LAST YEAR that were never opened… I checked, and they are ripe for consumption just about now. So it turns out that a year of sealed shelf life is equivalent to a few days of open air.

But as coincidence may have it, just as I could still hear my girlfriend yelling in the background that she could not believe that I ate a 1-year old Peep for breakfast, I noticed that Gizmodo linked to a photo story in the Chicago Tribune about how Peeps are made.

It’s a fun 1 minute photo montage of the rubbery little guys without their sugar on… be sure to check out the Peep show.

And does anyone else think Peeps are best after some aging? Let me know.

Peep Show

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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We have a 3 year old Peep here at our interactive department that serves as a sort of weather tool – it’s consistency changes depending on the humidity in the atmosphere, getting harder during dry times and mushier when humid. We are wondering what the exact shelf life is on this little fella, and how much $$ it would take for someone to eat him – not that we want to do that, he has become somewhat of a mascot for us.


The pink peeps are better 🙂

Jim Petrosky

Real men like ’em when they are rock hard and they shatter when you drop them.:)


I concur. “Stale” Peeps = the best Peeps….

My mother would disagree, and she is the family Peeps connoisseur.

Take from this what you will….

P.S. Thank you for explaining the “Plato” measurment of the tasty beer I am now enjoying. I am ready to be tested just in case….

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