Cost of Beer Causing Brew-ha-ha

by David Lauterbach
2008 April 23

A worldwide shortage of hops – a key ingredient in most brews – and rising prices for malted barley have pushed up the cost beer. 

Add global warming to that equation and precious, life-sustaining beer is becoming a luxury item. According to Gothamist, this past year has seen a drought in Australia, flooding in Germany, hailstorms in the Pacific Northwest, and lower crop yields throughout Europe – all resulting in a dramatic spike in the cost of grains and hops. 

After barely budging for several years, beer prices started to inch up in the second half of last year and are now rising at about a 4 percent annual rate, according to government statistics. It’s showing up in what brewers and distributors are charging for domestic and imported beer. 

Prices for micro-brews are rising faster than the mass-produced beers. But even the big brewers aren’t immune. “Like all brewers, we are experiencing cost increases due to the rising prices of brewing ingredients,” said Maureen Roth, a representative for Anheuser-Busch, the nation’s largest brewer. 

Prices are on the rise people… time to hit the end fridge and switch to Schaefer. 


Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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