American Beer for Independence Day

by David Lauterbach
2010 July 3

Happy Independence Day, America.  The 4th of July is the star of the month, and what better way to celebrate the first weekend of what should be called American Beer month (are you listening Brewers Association?) than buying a selection of American Craft beer.

Brian’s Belly has always extolled the virtues of American Craft beer, but it’s become more important over the last few years as more and more formerly U.S.-owed big breweries become foreign entities.

We’ve compiled lists of American beers in the past that are perfect for the fourth, but this year our message is a bit simpler… go to your local, most-likely privately owned and operated beer store, and look at what they’re selling over on the craft shelves.  Skip past the impostors (like Shock Top, from Anheuser-Busch InBev and Blue Moon from MillerCoors/Molson-Coors) and look for something brewed in your home state, nearby, or something that simply appeals to your palette.

Are you a guzzler?  The first thing I hear every time I bring a six-pack of craft anywhere is that “I can’t drink more than one or two.”  So drink one or two!  That’s one or two less Belgian Bud’s you’ll be drinking!  Or try an American lager such as Yuengling (America’s oldest brewery).  It’s a light-medium bodied beer that may whet your pale lager whistle.

So think about the statement you want to make when people show up at your barbecue… or what the six-pack in your hand will say about you when you get to your buddies backyard.

Declare your independence this 4th of July by drinking American.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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Yankee Cheese Doodle

I have to agree with you on the “guzzlers” because I AM one. I like to have a few “good” beers in the spirit of the season–or holiday–before moving back to the Budmillors. Nothing wrong with that.

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