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  • 09.23.14America’s Beer Brands Are Being Bought by Foreign Investors

    Drew Harwell of the Washington Post contacted me yesterday for his story “America’s most iconic beer brands are being bought by foreign investors. So what?” (Now Drink American has two Post interviews under it’s belt). “American beer is in the midst of a global identity crisis,” writes Mr. Harwell. I tend to agree with him.

  • 17.3.10American Beer for Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day, America. The 4th of July is the star of the month, and what better way to celebrate the first weekend of what should be called American Beer month than buying a selection of American Craft beer.

  • 27.30.09Beer Summit Soundoff

    Sometimes I hate to blog about things that everyone else is talking about. But we cover beer news, and you may have heard some mention about the so-called “beer summit” that President Obama will be arranging. Our take? Too bad they’ll be drinking foreign beer.

  • 13.18.09Economy Still Bad, Craft Brewers Still Up

    Our economic meltdown has stifled entrepreneurial activity across the board. But as we’ve mentioned recently, craft beer makers are seeing slow, but still-strong sales increases as they outperform the rest of beer industry.

  • 07.14.08August A. Busch IV Sells Out America

    Belgian brewer InBev announced earlier that it will buy Anheuser-Busch for $52 billion to create the world’s largest brewer. $70 a share was too good of an offer to keep CEO August A. Busch IV from selling an American icon to a foreign entity.

  • 06.22.08Two Six-Packs of Truly American Beers for the 4th of July

    We just updated our new Buddy site Drink American with a new article on some of the beers you should look for to replace your Budweiser consumption on the 4th of July weekend if you’re participating in the AB sale boycott.  “To help get you started in your quest to Drink American, here is a list of […]

  • 06.19.08Call to Action! Drink American Officially Proposes Boycott

    Strikes and boycotts quite frequently do absolutely no good. We see them all the time and pay them no mind. The plights of the supporters go unheard of or dismissed due to a minority interest or only a local following.  But, my fellow Americans, we are not in the minority. We are patriots and this […]

  • 05.26.08Brian’s Belly Launches DrinkAmerican.US

    News outlets recently began reporting about the unsolicited bid by Belgian brewer InBev to purchase American icon Anheuser-Busch, the brewers of Budweiser beer and other favorites. This sale would create the world’s fourth-largest consumer products company and in the process, eliminate the last American owned, large scale brewery.  Annoyed by the fact that nothing “seems” […]