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Wingwalker Lager

Wingwalker Lager

3.25 average, 4 votes
by David Lauterbach
2009 July 3

B.J. King’s Wingwalker Lager is a bit of an odd man out.

It is called a “fully krausened” pilsner, but right in the name is the word lager. The label says both, and adds that it has smooth hops. I have to say that it is more like a light IPA gone wrong.

I was dissapointed from the first sip, but I’ll be fair and say that it is possible that with two styles listed on the label, I’m not sure what I expected… maybe the light (but tasty) American Lager that I have been looking for to replace Bud on a hot summer day.

The “smooth hops” were actually quite bitter and ended up leaving an aftertaste, which I do not like in ANY beer.

Overall, a very forgetful beer. Forget it at the beer distributor.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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