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An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.

— Ernest Hemingway
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  • 06.17.10Pour Your Own Beer at a Bar Near You (Someday)

    There is self-service for gasoline at the pump, soda at the fast-food joint, and groceries at the supermarket. So the next time you’re at a corner bar, how about you get your own beer? A pub in Philly is trying just that.

  • 04.26.10Northern Ireland Gets Guinness Black Lager

    Here in the U.S., we get 7-Eleven’s Game Day beer… Northern Ireland gets to test a new lager from the brewery that made stout famous. Guinness Black Lager has been introduced to–and is on trial at–400 bars across Northern Ireland.

  • 19.17.09Guinness Pub Finder App for iPhone: Fail!

    Guinness recently introduced a pint-sized iPhone app called the Guinness┬« Pub Finder. The main feature is nice… little Guinness pints locate bars around you on a Google map that serve Guinness. But some faults make the $2 app a waste of good beer money.

  • 32.20.09Guinness Prop 3-17 to Make St. Pat’s Official Holiday

    Not that we don’t already celebrate St. Paddy’s day like the ordained father of all holiday’s, but this time of the year Guinness hauls out it’s campaign to promote Proposition 3-17, a mission to get one million signatures on their petition to make St. Patrick’s Day an official holiday.

  • 2812.4.08Guinness Stout: Vitamin G in a Bottle

    “Why don’t you have a review of Guinness on your site?” “Why don’t you have a review of Guinness on your site?” “Why don’t you have a review of Guinness on your site?” Sometimes our emails all start the same- “Dear Idiots, Why don’t you have a review of Guinness on your site?”

  • 411.16.08Guinness Corned Beef

    I have completely hijacked this Corned Beef recipe to make it my own! After 10 years of making it, I know how to do it right.