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If You Don’t Like Budweiser Select 55, You Won’t Like Select 35. Or Select 32.

by David Lauterbach
2012 January 27
Select 55, or is it 35?

Select 55, or is it 35?

In its pursuit of pure banality, Anheuser-Busch InBev hit a new low today as it decides that 55 calories is too many to have in a “beer.”

Don’t get scared… they haven’t found a way to “brew” “beer” with less than 55 calories (yet) but they have decided that 12 ounces might be too much “beer” for some “drinkers,” so Anheuser-Busch “proudly” presents “Little Lights,” which is Select 55 in lower-calorie portions.

Select 55 Little Lights will be presented as eight-ounce, 35-calorie cans. If 35-calories is too damn high, you can opt for the seven-ounce clear glass bottles of light straw-colored liquid that will weigh in at 32-calories.

In case you’re counting, a seven-ounce bottle of Select 55 has 0 grams of fat, 0.8 grams of carbohydrates and less than one gram of protein per bottle. The alcoholic content is 2.4% so I would imagine this may be the first “beer” that is safe for consumption by children since, according to this clever calculator, the total alcohol content is 0.168. A regular 12-ounce Bud is 0.6.

Anheuser-Busch says that drinkers of Select 55 “have evolved,” and they “saw an opportunity in the marketplace and developed ‘Little Lights’ to meet it. We think Select 55 drinkers will find them to be a great option for times when a smaller size is ideal.”

Via press release at PR Newswire.

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2012 May 11

I came across this site looking at who owns what beer anymore. This is due because I am pissed at In-Bev and trying a way to boycott them. I am trying not to buy anymore beer they own. My reason is because it seems that ever since they bought a bunch of the beer makers that beer has tripled in price since about last summer.
I understand that costs have gone up, but at about 3 times, no way. It’s nothing but greed. A little over a year ago a kegger used to cost me about $39-49, now the same keg costs $110. Even my neighbor is very pissed at everytime we go for a keg, it’s up another $10. He still buys, I quite buying kegs as of last month because it went another $10 and I said screw this. I figured if I am going to pay this much, started looking into supporting local micros and other beer still in American owned.
Your site helped to find out who owns what and I refuse to support In-Bev anymore. Thank you.

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