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I’m not drunk. I’m just exhausted from a long night of drinking. — Peter Griffin, The Family Guy




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  • 4Guide to Buying, Maintaining and Mastering Your Grill May 18, 2009

    …the food alone. It needs time for the outside to sear and actually pull away from the grill. After this has happened, feel free to rotate or flip your grub. However, most grillers recommend flipping…

  • 0Cooking Glossary: Common Cooking Terms January 20, 2011

    …seals in it’s own natural juices. See also sear. (n.) That rusted p.o.s. out in your backyard that you never cover or clean. We have very few rules at The Belly… one of them is clean your…

  • 2Hosken Powell’s Amazin’ Fantasy Chili No. 7 November 16, 2008

    …nd wards off vampires. Now throw in your meat and sear. When the meat resembles cooked road kill, mix in the tomato paste. This’ll get the whole thing really looking like hell. Stir that paste in good…