I’d Like to Thank Charlie Sheen for Tiger Blood

by David Lauterbach
2011 March 3

Tiger Blood (on the rocks)

Charlie Sheen has suddenly been doing the work of MORE than two and a half men in interviews and internet clips, and has climbed a notch or two above the rest of the usual celebrity garbage to entertain us BEYOND his usual CBS Monday night forum. You’ve all heard the word WINNING and the phrases Adonis DNA, The Scoreboard Doesn’t Lie and oh yes, it’s nice to see DUH back in mainstream use (you know, my brother Eric invented that word).

But for some time now I have been drinking a here-to-fore unnamed beverage that I think may be the matching bloodtype for a certain new phrase that is winning the nation. I’d like to submit a cocktail of Red Bull, Jager and Grenadine as Tiger Blood.

Yes, a quick Twitter search turns up a dozen different people mixing Coke (get it?) and 5-hour energy drinks with various things…and some have added coconut and pineapple to the mix… which doesn’t sound very Adonis-like. And no offense Charlie, neither does chocolate milk.

So I submit the tried-and-true, and rather manly Jagerbomb with the twist that I’ve always enjoyed to sweeten that nasty taste (there, I said it) of Red Bull… try the Tiger Blood on ice: a rocks glass (with rocks), half a can of Red Bull, a shot of Jagermeister and a splash of Grenadine. Want to get fancy? Add a cherry on top.

Thanks Charlie Sheen for helping to name my beverage… and Charlie, when you’re back off the wagon, hoist one for all of us. Poll below.

What do you think? Should we call Red Bull, Jager & Grenadine Tiger Blood?

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Now, do you have to drink this or can you shoot it right into your veins?

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