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  • 0Cooking Glossary: Common Cooking Terms January 20, 2011

    …homosidic blender of life, chop is above dice and mince, but below hacked. CLARIFY Don’t worry about it, none of our recipes will make you clarify liquid. It’s too much work. CURE A method…

  • 6Corned Beef Hash #18 November 3, 2008

    …day after St. Pat’s is the perfect time to mince the remains of the previous day into a hash fit to side the breakfast of kings. You know you like hash, but did you know it was so easy to make?…

  • 0Hot Roasted Pepper Relish November 16, 2008

    …& pepper. Roast until browned, turning once. Mince giardiniera and roasted vegetables into confetti-sized pieces and place in bowl. Add remaining oil. Mix thoroughly and place in airtight contain…