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  • 010.24.11The Elusive McRib Makes a Comeback

    The McRib, the elusive sandwich that has inspired a cult-like following, is back. McDonald’s announced Monday that the boneless barbecue pork sandwich, usually available in only a few stores at a time, will be sold at all U.S. locations through Nov. 14. Get one now before the animal it’s made from becomes extinct!

  • 11.29.09The Bacon Explosion

    A recipe has recently surfaced on the web that is garnering more attention and web traffic than any White Castle stuffing recipe or Absolutely Ridiculous Burger ever could. That recipe is for the Bacon Explosion from BBQ Addicts.

  • 011.16.08Tequila Tenderloin

    This recipe is easy to make and its impressive. Don’t let the shopping list scare you because you really can’t go wrong with pork… or tequila.

  • 211.16.08Belly Back Barbecue Ribs

    Nothing beats a great rack. And ribs are no exception. We like ours steamed and grilled. Get your grill fired up on medium and lets get started.