Mosquitos May Be Attracted to Beer Drinkers

by David Lauterbach
2010 March 23

A limited study in Africa has found a connection between mosquitos and beer.

The scientists randomly assigned 43 men in someplace named Burkina Faso to drink either a locally brewed beer or tap water. They found that the mosquitos were more attracted to the beer drinkers than the water drinkers.

The study concludes that beer drinking increases body odor which attracts the mosquitos. Although not part of the same study, I believe this is the same wreaking beer smell that repulses my girlfriend.

I feel like this is another one of those studies that already proved something that seems pretty obvious… I am reminded of a cartoon from years ago where a mosquito bites a drunk and flies away plastered.

This is from the golden age when pickled W.C. Fields-esque drunks were in kids cartoons like Bugs Bunny. Didn’t we know this since then? Maybe Africa didn’t have cartoons.

From the NYTimes Blog and the source.

Pardon us while we pay for beer...


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The Mosquitoes… Gilligan’s Island was never the same after their visit.

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