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  • 31911.1.18Deep Fried Turkey (Still the best guide on the net!)

    How many times have you sliced into a tasteless, bone-dry turkey on Thanksgiving wishing your fowl had not run afoul in the oven? This year, try frying your bird instead. The skin will be crispy and the meat will be juicy. This is more than a recipe, this is our guide for Deep Fried Turkey.

  • 104.15.11Guide to Building a Custom Kegerator

    Do you dream of cold draught beer flowing from your own personal tap? Well, put down that can of suds and pick up a screw gun because this is our step-by-step guide for building your own customized double-faucet kegerator.

  • 35.28.10Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Alton Brown

    Alton Brown, the creator, writer and host of The Food Network’s “Good Eats,” wants to teach American cooks to stop being recipe followers and become hackers. We spoke with Alton to find out more about one man’s quest to educate the culinary world about food and heat.

  • 512.28.09Hangover Medicine

    Whether you’re new at this drinking thing or consider yourself an old pro like the Buddies do, there is one certain thing that we have in common… the hangover. Here’s a few simple things to keep you on your toes when you’re out drinking in the New Year.

  • 012.1.09The Brian’s Belly Amazon Store

    In the past, a good deal of our links were to Amazon.com–so we decided to comb their virtual shelves for the Mc beer-lovin’ gifts you’ll love to give (and receive) and created the Brian’s Belly Amazon Store.

  • 66.22.09Get Yer Hot Dogs Here

    Wieners. Foot-longs. Red-hots. No matter what you call ’em, they’re all hot dogs- and the official food of summertime needs no introduction. But since July is National Hot Dog Month we thought we’d give you a little background on the tasty little meat pack that is rich in history and is about more than the lips, assholes and old shoes you thought.

  • 45.18.09Guide to Buying, Maintaining and Mastering Your Grill

    Grilling the perfect meal is not quite as easy as it looks, especially if you’re working with a barbecue that should be condemned. Do you even know where to start if you need to buy a new grill to replace that pile of rust oxidizing out on the deck? Be prepared for your next backyard party. Let our own Belly Buddy Brian Bailey give you a lesson in buying, maintaining and mastering your grill. And all you guys who think you know how to grill may just learn a thing or two as well.

  • 55.13.09Memphis in May: World Championship Barbecue

    A few years back, we went down to Memphis, Tennessee for the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, part of the Memphis in May International Festival. Find out what we ate and what we learned at the Super Bowl of Swine.

  • 13.29.09B.I.Y. (Brew It Yourself)

    Have you been tempted one too many times to pick up the “bag-o-beer” maker down at the WalMart? What stopped you? Well, you probably realized that if God had intended you to be able to make beer in a week, that he would have been doing some serious drinking while resting on the seventh day. If you’re thinking of brewing your own, put down those plastic brew impostors and read through our brew master’s article. The hardest part is naming your brew.

  • 12.16.09St. Patrick’s Day: “Céad Míle Fáilte” One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

    It’s not easy being green. But that doesn’t stop millions of happy, drunk Irishmen or their boy-o’s from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day every year. March 17th is when the big drinkers come out to play. Thank God for the patron saint of beer. Paddy will be looking down over our shoulders, as he does every March, making sure that everyone has enough beer to flush a blarney stone and enough corned beef to clog at least two ventricles and your left atrium.

  • 02.2.09Romantic Eatin’

    Valentine’s Day. The consensus on this website is that February 14th equals trouble. Lucky for you Belly Buddy Brian Bailey is a lot more optimistic on this Hallmark holiday and has evolved a plan for a sure hit evening with the ladies that, of course, revolves around a meal.

  • 112.5.08Prohibition Repealed!

    December 5: On this date in 1933, the 21st amendment to the Constitution of the United States was ratified- the eighteenth article of the Constitution was hereby repealed and the noble experiment known as prohibition was no more.