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Cat Dog

When we devised our compact six section recipe system, the idea behind it was to let you, the lazy surfer and foodbag, simply click on a link or two and get exactly what you wanted.

That works great for the other areas of our recipe catalog... want beef? Click on the cow. Want pork? Click on the pig. But if you want a hot dog, well... what the hell do you click on? A pidgeon? A shoe?

So we created the junk drawer of our recipe catalog... & MORE. Catchy title, huh? Here you'll find all the sub-categories you're looking for, appetizers, dips, dogs, soups & doctored sauces.

  • 2 Armadillo Eggs
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    You’ve heard it before… in Texas they do everything big. So as true as the tale of Pecos Bill ridin’ that tornada from here to the state line, this recipe takes the little bastard that has become known as a popper, and made a big ass deal out of it.