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  • 113.30.09Tecate: “Can” Do Cervesa

    Most of us have seen Tecate. Most of us have not tasted it, though. It’s the beer in the ugly red can that someone at the table across from you is drinking in the Mexican restaurant. Starting to ring a bell?

  • 13.29.09B.I.Y. (Brew It Yourself)

    Have you been tempted one too many times to pick up the “bag-o-beer” maker down at the WalMart? What stopped you? Well, you probably realized that if God had intended you to be able to make beer in a week, that he would have been doing some serious drinking while resting on the seventh day. If you’re thinking of brewing your own, put down those plastic brew impostors and read through our brew master’s article. The hardest part is naming your brew.

  • 81.13.09Boddington’s Pub Ale: Beer Smoothie

    If you’ve ever been on a genuine British pub-crawl, you probably already know that British beer is in fact, some of the best beer in the world. Well, one of my favorite Britbrews that seems to be gaining some recognition in the States is Boddingtons Pub Ale.

  • 21.13.09Imperial: Jungle Groovin’

    I’ve just recently returned from a vacation in Costa Rica–an amazing country of rain and cloud forests, volcanoes, howler monkeys, toucans, the biggest bugs you’ve ever seen, and a beer called Imperial that I almost immediately befriended.

  • 1011.3.08Abita Turbo Dog: Man’s Best Friend

    Picture yourself in the Big Easy. It’s a steaming, sultry, freggin’ hot July night, and college kids stagger out of Bourbon Street dives with Irish names to chuck up their happy hour hurricanes. But that’s not what brought you to N’Awlins.

  • 29511.3.08Pabst Blue Ribbon: Blue Velvet

    “Heineken?!?! Fuck that shit! … PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!” – A manic Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth in the film “Blue Velvet.” When I first decided to do a write-up on Pabst Blue Ribbon, I anticipated Belly readers would question my judgement. “But Rob,” they’d say, “isn’t PBR the kind of unmitigated swill you said the Beer Belly would steer clear of?” In a word, the answer is “yes.” In several words, the answer is “yes and no.” Here’s what I mean…