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  • 010.24.11The Elusive McRib Makes a Comeback

    The McRib, the elusive sandwich that has inspired a cult-like following, is back. McDonald’s announced Monday that the boneless barbecue pork sandwich, usually available in only a few stores at a time, will be sold at all U.S. locations through Nov. 14. Get one now before the animal it’s made from becomes extinct!

  • 28.19.10BK’s Pizza Burger to be the King of Calories

    Hold onto your buns. A new offering from Burger King has over 2,500 calories… enough for a typical persons suggested intake for an entire day (or just about right for one meal, dear Brian’s Belly reader). The NY Pizza Burger is scheduled to sizzle in to the Whopper Bar next month.

  • 13.4.09This is Why You’re Fat

    A visually delicious website popped up on the interwebs last month. This is Why You’re Fat is food porn at it’s finest… a photo stream of the world’s frankenfoods submitted by you, the fat bastard that created the marvelous monstrosity.