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  • 12.16.09St. Patrick’s Day: “Céad Míle Fáilte” One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

    It’s not easy being green. But that doesn’t stop millions of happy, drunk Irishmen or their boy-o’s from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day every year. March 17th is when the big drinkers come out to play. Thank God for the patron saint of beer. Paddy will be looking down over our shoulders, as he does every March, making sure that everyone has enough beer to flush a blarney stone and enough corned beef to clog at least two ventricles and your left atrium.

  • 102.16.09Beamish Irish Stout

    Like most beer drinkers I look forward to March and St. Patrick’s day as an excuse to get sloppy. But it’s also an excuse to try some beers with an Irish heritage that you may not always drink on a regular basis.

  • 22.16.09Murphy’s Irish Red

    I have had a good deal of Murphy’s Irish Red in my day- and in my nights. For the most part it’s been the draft version as served in a dark, dank Irish Pub. It’s dry, crisp and hoppy with a rich red hue.

  • 12.16.09Brian’s Belly Presents: Our Trip to Ireland

    A few years back, we spent ten days drinking and driving our way around beautiful Ireland (on the wrong side of the road, we may add). We summarized the trip with this two minute short film… hope you enjoy toilet bowls.

  • 012.1.07Dublin Beer Bandit Raids Guinness

    Irish police were hunting for a beer bandit who stole 450 full kegs from the Guinness brewery — the largest heist ever at Ireland’s largest brewer.  National police said a lone man drove into the brewery — a Dublin landmark and top tourist attraction — on Wednesday and hitched his truck to a fully loaded […]