TAD Gear Folding Titanium Spork v2

by David Lauterbach
2009 November 29

Titanium SporkWho says sporks are just for grade school? OK, no one said that, but I was thinking it… a thin, flimsy, plastic spork that I ate oh-so-many horrible USDA Grade-F meat meals with at the cafeteria table.

Well, this pocket folding spork from TAD Gear might not make former circus animals taste better, but it looks cool as hell and features a robust Titanium alloy which is less prone to bending and not as soft as their v1 spork.

Keep one in your shoulder bag, back pack, mess kit, or travel bag.  Also doubles as a bottle and can opener. You’ll never know when you’ll find yourself in need of one of these ultimate compact food shoveling devices.

TAD Gear Folding Titanium Spork v2

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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